Biggest rumors of wrestlemania 31 which you don’t know yet

Biggest rumors of wrestlemania 31 which you don’t know yet



Fans of wwe in these days are looking for info about wwe wrestlemania 31 it’s rumors and matches. If you look at the preview few month of monday night raw and royal rumble,



then you find that people are telling you that undertaker will night to sting this year. it is hard to believe that wwe production already launch the official poster of both these wrestler and if you don’t know why,




then let me show you something, it is only because that people every year people only want to see the undertaker steak and it’s comparator this year, but last year he loss a match against brock lesnar that’s why he don’t want to returns this year,




Our team initially tell you that taker also want to returns this year but after that Board of directors also take many step and then decide that they should have to invite any professional wrestler which is a good comparator of undertaker,




The main reason of this major changes is that Stephanie mcmahan want to see a match with her husband triple h. Due to this she change the official poster of wrestlemania then put the face of triple h in that. so take a look on the full report which you may looking for.



wrestlemania 31 rumors

wrestlemania 31 rumors matches

wrestlemania 31 rumors matches

To read the above given article you may get the right idea, but the main thing which our team want to clarify right now is that After making the authority there are so many change due to which pay per view matches get effected.



A report of time of india show that wwe board of director want have a match between Seth rollins and roman reigns but due to triple threat match between cena, seth and brock. he loss the fight that’s why the there comparator get also changed.   you may see this as well how to develop positive attitude this is great post i saw it its great




The only match which is fixed from so many days is divas match, wwe isn’t make any change between divas match and the championship is remain same. The winner of divas match will declare as the champion and it is interesting to find which one win the battle.




Finally word which our team want to say right now Match between taker and Sting is just a rumors, however both these star will fight on 29 match but taker will fight with Bray Wyatt in the upcoming few days,



So these are the main information which we gain and collect about wwe wrestlemania 31 matches, and rumors. if you have any further query regarding to our site then you may comment below.

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