Bray wyatt challange undertaker for wrestlemania 31

Bray wyatt challange undertaker for wrestlemania 31

wwe wrestlemania 31 :- From so many days, people are think about who will face taker this year and every time when the match is about to confirm his age factor become the problem but after the returns of vince mcmahon, bray wyatt accept the challenge of undertaker which he give this year,



The story began with the monday night raw when bray returns and suddenly bring an casket and then call the undertaker,



However at that moment fans are expecting that he many come for accept the challenge but till now taker ins’t make any return yet. So take a look on the full info.



Bray wyatt challenge wrestlemania 31

wrestlemania 31 Bray wyatt returns

This main idea to have a match between these two is confirm by Chairman of wwe i.e Vince mcmahon, To make wrestlemania 31 more entertaining he decide to call the taker for a match this year also, But due to lose of steak last year by brock, he don’t want to come but unfortunate taker still have to fight this year also,



Talk about the last few years response, then we saw that other wrestler like john cena and sheamus are help this pay per view to make it more entertaining,




but this year they also calling legend and special host like Hulk hogan, it is hard to believe that old wwe superstar rikishi has been selected for the hall of fame of 2015 and before wrestlemania he will be awarded as a winner,




wwe wrestlemania 31 challenge


This year match between undertaker and bray wyatt will be a casket match, before this no disqualification match was being set for taker’s match. According to latest updates, if undertaker loss this fight this year then his legacy may not come and surely in the next wrestlemania his chance are very less,




Currently no one can say that who will win the match up, but some other match like world heavy weight championship and intercontinental championship also make this pay per view a memorable moment,



overall in the world champion match we are expecting that brock going to loss but still we can’t say anything about it. So these are the main information which we gain and collect about wrestlemania 31 results, match

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