Divas Championship 32 wrestlemania 2016 results

Divas Championship 32 wrestlemania 2016 results

Divas Championship 32 wrestlemania 2016 results

If you guys are looking for wrestlemania 32 results 2016 specially for Divas championship then you are at right webpage, Recently wwe team decide to have a divas championship match between these Charlotte vs Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks. Currently the divas championship of wwe is Charlotte. On 2nd April event of wwe is going to happen At A&T stadium at texas. Just before fastlane most of us are expecting that this year wrestlemania may be little bit boring but after the return of are undertaking make this event much more special. So take a look at the full report which you may waiting for.


Wwe Wrestlemania 2016 Results| Divas Championship

wwe wrestlemania 32 results 2016


Divas championship only happen around in 30 Minutes and Again Charlotte able to retain his title very easily, Apart from this match match of taker also unforgettable, however this year his opponent is shane mcmahon but still taker win the match. Very few guys know that in the Stipulations it is confirm that if shane wins he gain the control of monday night raw,


The another match which audience like very match is brock lesnar and dean ambrose, The only mistake wwe made this time is that they dind’t chosoe any big superstar for the wrestlemania specially for brock lesnar. To defeat lesnar in last few pay per view isn’t easy for any star of wwe, So wwe should have to think about semi retired wrestler like Rock, or goldberg, In previous year we notice roman reigns can’t take victory over lesnar, To choose dean ambrose against wrestler like brock may be most stupid decision of wwe.


Wrestlemania 2016 results

For those who are waiting for the fight of roman reigns with brock lesnar one on one should have to wait for the next few pay per view i.e of summerslam and night of champions 2016. The only thing which audience miss in the wrestlemania 32 is the presence of john cena, and Sheamus. Both these superstar are not a part of wrestlemania 32, Overall these are the main information which we gain and collect about wwe wrestlemania 32 results.


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wwe wrestlemania 32 results

wrestlemania 2016 results

wrestlemania 32 results

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