John cena Legacy in wrestlemania 31 (2015 ) Against

John cena Legacy in wrestlemania 31 (2015 ) Against


From last few days many of us are searching about john cena planing & legacy in wrestlemania 31 and still after 2 weeks it is not confirm who will face john cena at wrestlemania. If you look at the previous few days of Monday night raw and friday night smack down,



then find that most of the people in these days are impress with the fight of Brock lesnar and Roman reigns but due to team of big show, triple h and Kane many people dislike them all. On monday night raw manager are decide to announced a hall of fame and the special guest are Shawn michaels, Hulk hogan, Ric flair,



but at that moment Big show come and insulting all those legends, at that time he gave an open challenge to all of them. however Nature boy try to survive but later he unable to do that.



Earlier that night Brock also want fight to Seth rollins one on one but The team of triple h and all other members of The authority come and try to show each other a loser, but that time John cena come and put some comments on big show and kane, at that time General manager of raw Stephanie mcmahon put some series word on john cena and said upcoming pay per view matches like royal rumble isn’t going to be easy for cena.

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wrestlemania 31 John cena matches ?

wwe wrestlemania 31 results john cena

After royal rumble still it is a big task that who will face him, but according to our expectation. The winner of royal rumble Triple threat match may face john cena at wrestlemania 31 which is going to held on 29 march 2015.





Not only john cena but to make upcoming pay per view matches more special team also inviting some other Special guest like Kurt angle ect. Last year we saw that Stone gold and rock come as a special guest that’s why the wrestlemania of previous year is more special then any one.



In 2015 there are many big plans which can make this year unforgeable. I am personally waiting for Brock lesnar and Daniel bryan and divas matches this year. The biggest match which every fan miss this year is Undertaker streak.




Every year he and john cena both  fight for her legacy but last year brock beak the streak and make the history but still manager are discussing that undertaker may face Sting this year, but still we can’t say anything about that. Now everyone is waiting for 29 march to come. So these are the information which we collect and gain and wwe wrestlemania 31 results, & John cena legacy

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