Major Change in wrestlemania 31 Matches to add bryan

Major Change in wrestlemania 31 Matches to add bryan


Recently a report of wwe confirm that in wrestlemania 31 a major change is going to be happen this year, After winning the royal rumble roman reigns become the no 1 contender for the wwe championship against currently champion brock lesnar, after winning the match team of wwe fix the match between these two superstars, and in the next few days triple h decide to have a contract signing,



But suddenly chairman of wwe vince mcmamohan come and make some change in this match, This is only due to the fact that audience want to see another superstar in this ring, So take a look on what change does the wwe make now a day.



Major change of wrestlemania 31 matches : –

wrestlemania 31 major changes


The biggest change in the main event of wrestlemania is to add daniel bryan, if you look at the last year match then find that it is also a triple threat match between randy orton, batista and bryan, but after defeat both these superstar bryan win the battle,




To see the last year main event match vince mcmahon don’t want to have a triple threat match this year, but to see the fan review they take this decision and decide to have a match between both these star. If this match happen then the chance of winning of daniel bryan may be increased but till now we can’t say anything.




however the main fact which we notice now a day is that people are also interesting to watch this main event, if you look at the prediction of wwe then find that sheamus is also going to face him in the wrestlemania so win the battle would not be a easy task for any of them.


All these things happen when triple h meet vince mcmahon in a private meeting but still we don’t know why the meeting is private and not be unveils yet. Due to busy schedule both ceo and vince mcmahon can’t commit anything.   you may see this as well how to develop positive attitude this is great post i saw it its great


On monday night raw contract signing may be happen but the fix date is not confirm yet, now many of us are waiting to see all these star one on one in a ring. If you still have to know anything then you may share our article on any social site. so we hope you guys are impress with our info which is on wrestlemania 31 major changes

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