Ric Flair Disrespected before wrestlemania 31 by Triple h

Ric Flair Disrespected before wrestlemania 31 by Triple h

From the past few month people are searching for wrestlemania 31 but recently a news come from centre is that wwe ceo who is better know for his personality and fitness disrespect hall of fame ric flair. If you don’t know this news then let me tell you something first.


Before royal rumble when Hulk hogan taker his entry in monday night raw he call Shawn michaels and ric flair but when ceo hear that news we don’t like to see all of them together that’s why Triple and the member of authority come on the stage and try to insult the old legends of wwe.


It is still a shocking thing which big show and kane are want to be a member of the authority. So take a look on the full report which you might looking for.




wrestlemania 31 ric flair returns

wrestlemania 31 ric flair and sting vs triple h

After that incident big show again come on the stage and punch ric flair on the face. But this time Triple h it self make the insult of this nature boy. After this incident the whole wwe universe is quite angry and waiting for vince mcmahon to make this return more quicker as they can.



To see this match up the whole wwe universe want to see triple h once again in match, however it is not clear yet who will face but if he loss this match in wrestlemania then fan of ric flair may feel more better than before. Currently triple ins’t tweet anything about this incident but in this weekend the news may come.




If anyone ask me to say something about this, then i would say Shawn Michaels should have to returns this year as a special guest reffre of triple h. Due to busy schedule it vince mcmahon ins’t make any confirm news on his returns.



Triple h before wrestlemania 31


Over a month ago wwe official site confirm that they may fix triple match against sting. Till now there is no contract signing between these two but this moment match change this match and put another man in front of triple h.


For the final report you guys may have to wait for 2 weeks. One thing which CEO have to keep in mind is that hall of fame like nature deserve respect but don’t know why he take this step. overall these are the main information which we gain and collect about wwe wrestlemania 31 and it’s latest news.

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