Rise 2015 wwe wrestlemania 31 Theme song by David Guetta

Rise 2015 wwe wrestlemania 31 Theme song by David Guetta

wwe wrestlemania 31 theme song : – Every year fan of wwe waiting for those moment and special pay per view which entertain them. From the past few week you may notice that excitement in trend is increasing due this wwe.



Every year a new singer launch a new theme for this wrestling but this time David guetta compose the music and make a perfect theme for the user. If you don’t know about 2015 wrestlemania them let me tell you something first,




this year many special match for the world heavy weight championship and United stated championship will be going to happen, but people main attention of two biggest legends of wwe i.e one of brock lesnar and other on undertaker.




In the last 6 to 7 year both there wrestler fight like and pro and make this event more beautiful, On the other hand team of Big show and Kane is also running on top and this is mainly due to the support of Stephanie mcmahon. She recently tweet that in the next monday night raw they one of the authority member should have to face daniel bryan.



wrestlemania 31 Theme name & official video

 wrestlemania 31 theme name and song

The biggest change which i personally like in this theme is it’s background sound. Last few theme of wrestlemania ins’t able to collect to much view on social networking site like fb and twitter but due to Motivation soundtrack theme of 2015 wrestlemania is much impressive then others. To make this theme song more spicy and entertaining they also add skylar Grey in it.



The another good news come from news is that If the special host and guest take there enter then those theme will be modifed. For example we saw last year when the undertaker come more than 21 casket has been set down on the floor the make the entry a memorable thing,




It is still confusing that user that is undertaker fight this year on not. One day wwe team and the board of director decide to have a match with a perfect comparitor but on second day they change there idea and the undertaker age become the main factor, But if the things work properly then the upcoming few days will be great for you.



wwe wrestlemania 31 theme

Finally we have provide you the Video song of wrestlemania 2015 theme i.e rise. if all the things works fine then i am sure you guys gonna love this theme. For more detail you can easily visit to our homepage. overall these are the main info which we collect and gain and wrestlemania 31 results.

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