Samoa Joe won the Extreme Rules Fatal 5-Way Match to become No. 1 contender to the Universal Title

Samoa Joe won the Extreme Rules Fatal 5-Way Match to become No. 1 contender to the Universal Title

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Samo is more ready to celebrate, World Cup Champion for World Cup Champions: Brock Kis, Jun 4, 2017 (WWE Network Exclusive)
Samu that prepares a very dumb against Brokers Lesnar, overnight
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Lennar is a universal mastermind to assess Voguehaw Samoa
Samo, the winner is not as in the WWE in the World Championships, as the sole supporter of Booth 5-Wai No.1. He said that at the very end of the night, the shootout against the International Championship Bark Linnar has ended at the time of the long four Indo-Rawalpindi Rawalpindi.

The Fifth 5-Witch in an Autonomous Quaid-i-Azam, it’s every spanner for himself – friends and any rules. But one of the first unions formed and set up nighttime showmates of Broadwater. Take Roman Ranks with the Spanish stages of these pictures. After this, Fan Blair made a fox’s chore. They should still have DDD sitlins on the move.

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Depending partners can ensure that they will live in control everywhere. When Big Kutha Hayas had prepared a Superman Punch, who took out the At-Offices, saved him from some destruction. At the end of a championship, however, the alliance could not be long enough.

WWE Extreme Rules 2017 (WWE Network Exclusive) with FanBill Council Council and Brother’s Duty Standards Chronicle: 00:59
Finn Blorlor, Samoa Jet, Breakthrough, Roman Wrestles and Saints Rolls, will be a challenge to see the world’s famous title Lesnar to fight against the historical rule of rule in Focus 5-Witch.

As the roll rolls move around the Theater of the Worlds, as coverage outside the wavelength and gambling and stuck in breaking its alley. The White Corn took possession of Abylliel to dissolve the council, but it was revealed that breaking the pins.

Mitch really lived in terms of its extreme rules when the spin-spare putlocker  bowler and bowler announced both the balls and the rolling matches by breaking the match.

Outside of three trials, the range and rollin are thrown into the ring, each other with a sign of killing and leaving the title against the liner.

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Check photos of Roman Regions, Saint Rolin, Finnish Balls, Bears and Souvo joses for a chance to cope with the Universal Championship for the Broochline.

Viet has returned to his way, but was sent out with the Regence-Can-Spare. The Superman’s Big Superman followed this by painting the architect of the Panch. Belize again, Rajasthan kept the ‘Bhatti try’ and capitalism with Gapd Gere. Before the banner can try pin-citations, even though the color of the color is returned to the ring and the coot compartment is closed in the clutch, which was exit from the first uniform champion.

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With Buffer’s infinitely, Billy’s name was officially called, Smith’s and Universal Champion Brooke Lawner dreamed in the fire of WWE’s great balls.

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