stephanie mcmahon reaction for wrestlemania 31 about matches

stephanie mcmahon reaction for wrestlemania 31 about matches


Recently stephanie mcmahon give a reaction about matches of wrestlemania 31, confirm that planning of the authority and Triple h in the upcoming days, as we know that Kane and big show currently busy to make a special team,




Before royal rumble we have seen that roman reigns is the perfect comparator of big show he already perform many Spear on big show but after beating him in royal rumble, Stephanie decide to have a match with Brock lesnar at 2015 wrestlemania, it is now quite interesting to see who will be the champion after this special pay per view,



Many time we also see that Brock like to have a match with those superstar which come in the top but now a day the things are getting change, because people are so excited to see both comparator one on one with each other,



The other big match which stephanie  fixed in these day is daniel bryan and John cena. wwe superstar are really want to see them in any match they want, So take a look on the full report which you may looking for about this.




wwe wrestlemania 31 top matches

wrestlemania 31 matches

An official video of triple and stephanie mcmahon show that both of them are also do some private discussion on feb 2 on monday night raw, it is expected that she don’t want to see roman as a royal rumble winner and want to put his authority member i.e big show to face brock lesnar on wrestlemania,


the main reason of this is that while having contract signing brock get angry because at that time big show and kane come together and challenge him to have a match, but at that time he leave the ring, Talk about roman reigns, he may also loss the match if the rock isn’t come to save him.




The other big match which is discussing in these days is, John cena & rusev match, both these star are also physically strong that’s why they people can’t wait to see both of the fighting against each others, This match is also come in no 2 position.



So these are the main reason why stephanie  is take this step to have some amazing match on this year wrestlemania i.e 31. The most amazing fact which notice this year is that vince mcmahon isn’t come this year in special pay per view.



Currently it is not clear yet how will be the special guest this year, many of us are expecting that kurt should have to come this year to put more entertainment but no one can say that till now,


If superstar like the rock and Bill goldberg come this year then the match may be quite amazing, So these are the main information which we gain and collect about wwe wrestlemania 31 matches, results, & highlights.

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