Sting vs Triple h set for wrestlemania 31 for No disqualification match

Sting vs Triple h set for wrestlemania 31 for No disqualification match

wrestlemania 31 sting vs triple h :- Finally the day come when wwe chairman decide to have a match between top wrestler of wwe i.e between Sting and triple h.


From the last few month many of us want to see both of them, however initially they choose undertaker for this match but day by day they Cancel this idea.



The main reason to cancel this idea is undertaker age factor, Due to last year match steak of taker gets break which effect this year match up.




In the royal rumble days undertaker don’t want to fight with someone else but if this match happen then it would surely make your upcoming pay per view more entertaining. So take a look on the full report which you might looking for.


Sting Vs triple h wrestlemania 31 : –



This has been confirmed just few days back and the new is given by wwe chairman vince mcmahon. The another reason of have this match up is disrespected of ric flair in monday night raw. Mostly all the wwe fans are happy with the performance which is a positive news according to our point of view.



Mostly all the fans of wwe want to see Triple h as a losser of this match but the winner will be confirmed after 29 march 2015. The most shocking for the triple h fans is that, his good friend shawn michaels is also angry due ric flair incident last friday night.


Contract between sting & triple h| wrestlemania 31


In the upcoming weekend wwe will surely going to have a contract singing between these two, It is also interesting to see what type of performance and movie does sting is going to given against triple h, while singing the contract some other wrestler and General manager may be present at that time.



for this match a special match referee may be announced but the news will be confirm after one or two weekends. Very few guys know that triple and his wife also release a fitness dvd in the global market to maker his reputation more better in wwe. So these are the main information which we gain and collect about sting vs triple match at wrestlemania 31



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