Top 5 wwe star which you wanna see in wrestlemania 32

Top 5 wwe star which you wanna see in wrestlemania 32

Top 5 wwe star which you wanna see in wrestlemania 32

wrestlemania 32 results| top star wwe you want to see :- Only few days are left for the biggest pay per view event of wwe but still match between biggest star of wwe isn’t confirm yet, After royal rumble excitement between every wwe fan get increase to know about the opponents of these favorite wwe star, Currently world heavyweight championship opponent will be confirm after a triple threat match between Lesnar, Roman reigns and dean ambrose. winner of this match get an opportunity to face the winner of royal rumble i.e Triple H, so currently everyone eyes is on wwe championship as well as on the united states championship, So take a look on the star which you must want to see in wrestlemania 32


wwe wrestlemania 32 top superstar

  • Roman Reings :-

roman reigns wrestlemania 32 top wrestler

Few years back when R.R make his debut in wwe audience isn’t familiar with the strength and stamina but when he beat some of the biggest wrestler of wwe i.e Sheamus, Ray back, he became people champ, and currently on the top of the list.





2. Brock lesnar :-

brock lesnar wrestlemania 32 top wrestler


People also familiar with the power of the Beast, every year he defeat some of the top and unbeatable superstar, you have to believe that he is the only guy who had beat undertaker in wrestlemania and break his streak.



3. John cena :-


Still after so many year John cena role out on million of heart, This year you guys ins’t see him to face bigger opponents but in wrestlemania 32 million people all across the world want to see him, Some rumors claim that rusev may face him but the report will be confirm after the fastlane,


wwe wrestlemania 32 match & wrestler

4. Big show :-



world largest athlete also came in the no 4 list because of his power and Strength, from the past 20 years he defeat champion, legends but it is not clear who will face him in wrestlemania 32,



5. The Rock 

the rock wrestlemania 32 top wrestler

Yet he leaves wwe for ever but a guest appearance make this man most electrifying man in all the entertainment, In wrestlemania 29 Hulk hogan, Stone cold, and rock make his appearance as a guest and crowd love that moment, So it may be possible that Rock may perform a match up for wwe or a entry. So these are the main information which we gain and collect about wrestlemania 32 top wrestler.


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