Top wrestlemania 31 wrestler which may be main event in 2015

Top wrestlemania 31 wrestler which may be main event in 2015


Before talking about wwe wrestlemania 31 main event we are collect some data about those wrestler and matches which may be the perfect main event in 2015. If you guys are familiar with the update then must must know that royal rumble of this year had some great matches and the winner of 30 man match declare as a winner, but this year due to comparator of brock lesnar is not that much good as we expected before royal rumble.



before tlc wwe manager confirm that Seth rollins may become the perfect opponent of wrestlemania, but at that time brock comes in the race that’s why the match and compilation become more strong,


due to brock lesnar the match get more difficult to win and just before one week another wwe superstar i.e john cena also come in the race and challenge both of them, however everyone is agree at that time and sign the contract but specially John cena look too angry.




wrestlemania 31 perfect matches & main event :-

wrestlemania 31 matches

In 30 man royal rumble match i personally don’t want to see roman reigns as a winner but apart from that Superstar like bray wyatt  and rusev may be the perfect comparator of brock,  you may see this as well how to develop positive attitude this is great post i saw it its great



it is hard to believe that the more than bray wyatt eliminate more than 10 superstar over the top roop which is not easy to do for any wwe wrestler, but the record of most elimination is set up roman reigns last year.




If john cena win the battle then it would be a perfect choice but wwe universe blame seth rollins as a looser of triple threat match.


The another interesting match which wwe fix for royal rumble is it’s Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus, in wrestlemania 29 we saw that sheamus defeat daniel in just 18 second which is the faster winning match in wrestlemania history, but in the last one year we notice that bryan become more aggressive then other wwe superstar that’s why both of them have to face each other this year for the united state championship.




The winner of the match may have to face other other superstar on monday night raw. this year it is interesting to see all these matched as well as championships, If all these matches are happen at a perfect time then wrestlemania 31 may be much special then others, so these are the main information which we gain and collect about wwe wrestlemania 31 and it’s results. for more detail checkout our homepage

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