Tour de France 2017: Chris Froome extends lead, Primoz Roglic wins stage

Tour de France 2017: Chris Froome extends lead, Primoz Roglic wins stage

The Crossoom of the United Kingdom, the Great Stage in Tori de France, led its lead in 27 seconds at the end of 17, by Slovenia’s Promise Roggle.


The atmosphere was in a tingling mountain stupa, where the Fabio came Philip to the second quarter of the fourth.

Marcel Kotal, who caused a jersey contest, was forced to retire after the loss of the blast in the station.

The rest of the four stages are, ending in aerodox with an immense potentially important meeting.

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In the Firdod Paraguayas, the mountains and Choti were lost at Stage 12 at the end of the Stage 12, and Arya had put his back jaris on.

But Team Team’s Skywoman, a third part for the victory of his fourth tourist, and in the second success, he announced it on a Larry Spots Roads on Stage 14.

Should any of his opponents want to go to Paris in Yellow Jersey, attack on Isodade, should be punished and hope that Frozen is fond of hope because it is time to get it during the weekly test during martialist. Hope.

Colombia Rugbooto in the form of Europe and the French Romantic Brotherhood is in the second position, and behind the leader in 27 seconds.

Contact the Stage 17 of the Stage 17
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One of the accepted Froome Segments section

Four riders apart from just 29 seconds, four riders were generally mounted on the rank of ascending the 183 km station on landland, in which two horses are included above the Croix de Fer and the Galilee, as a type of triumph.

Chris Froom (left), Roman Buried (Center) and Linear Reggot Aurren Sprint
Air, Bart, Uran – All traffic to seconds, line for all participants
It was a very dangerous day to fill the frero, but after many attacks and attacks, it was 32 years old, who had 5 riders in pursuit of Rogen.


Slovenia – The former junior world Asi jumping champion – began to face the second childhood of Indian children and he suffered on the Galilee this year’s highest chance of this year’s year, and Stage’s final destination this year.

He maintained his superior skills and nerves in the middle of the long career in order to maintain the lead of his 90 seconds.

Following this, join the Froom Leadership Group, which included the SohsiC CC-affiliated Brotherhood and Uranan.

The supreme eye was the biggest problem, but also lost the Ireland-based Danmark and the UK Simon Yatts, although the latest white jerseys are the same as the best youth’s prosperity.

Kittel crashes ending out

Read more – Excluded tour token

This year, German spiral cutler was the winner of five stages, when it ended in the fight against Chris Keeer’s struggle.

During the Marcel Kateel Stage Stage 17
Kittel escaped and went on a 20-kilometer stupa after an accident
Kitty, whose total 14 tourists were fought, was struggled on Wednesday when the media media closed the arrangement of space in the changed sites.

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When the soil was given early in the beginning of the Arctic Scarlet chart, one leader had once passed twice, now only 9 points.

At that stage the speed was better than the speed, after 20 kilometers a crash wrapped him and wounding.

Nevertheless, in the work of Australia Matsets, there is a suitable facility on the German Aerospace Grillel.

British script mechanic, which was the last overall, later became the list of differences, while the French Thambot Poutuit failed to end.

A step-by-step?

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Stage 18
Greg Lindsey – The Song of the Tour presented the Season III. Arzasportport has been presented on Wednesday on the street of Gilgit-Baltistan and does not slog on Gulberri, but it can have a strong impact on the war of a golden jirga.

“It will come to the Internet, it will be the first to fight for a tournament,” said Amer.

A large amount of capital is overwhelmed on the peak stage of the Storm Stage, which is 7.3% of the average rate of 14.1 kg and can be seen.

Before menstrual stage, however, a generation of females – La Courses lever, which is 67.5 km² up to British age.

Stage 17 results:

1. Promo Rosolson (Scale / Lot El-Jumbo) 5hrs 7m 41 41s

Rigroot Europe (Koli / Candled-Drop) + 1min 13secs

3. Chris Froom (GB / Team Ski)

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4. Roman Brotherhood (AG / R2 Mondeoe)

5. Warring Bargu (FT / Team Sunni)

6. Michael Linda (Spa / Team Sky) 1 minute 16secs

7. Dealon Martin (Oven / Quick Step) + 1min 43secs

8. Alberto Cordford (Spa / Trekk-Segment) + 1 min 44 sec

9. Louis Mittensjes (SMM Emirates Emirates Emirates)

10. Fabio Aero (Italy / Austin)

Stage Station General General 17:

1. Chris Froom (BMW / Team Sky) 73hrs 27mins 26secs

2. Rugotto Europe (+ CALC / Candy-Drop) + 27secs

3. Roman Brotherhood (AG / R2R La Mondiale)

4. Fabio A.

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