worst match this year in wrestlemania 32| 2016

worst match this year in wrestlemania 32| 2016


worst match this year in wrestlemania 32| 2016 :-

Only few moments are left for this biggest event in the history of wwe i.e wrestlemania 32 but this year there are not more big match which we expect from a special pay per view show. every year there are so many superstar face each other who make sense but the situation of this year is totally different than other, In our previous article we have already told you that undertaker returns this year the the superstar which he facing this year has no competition with taker, If you still don’t understand what i am saying then let me clarify you something. we are currently talking about shane McMahon. After the returns of the undertaker it is confirm that taker will face shane this year still we have to say match should be with a big star.



wrestlemania 2016 worst match 32


If you leave Triple h vs Roman reigns then these is no big match in wrestlemania 32. This year General manager is unable to decide who will face Brock lesnar this year which show that how much worst duty does they are giving now a day. On the other hand people champ i.e john cena isn’t returns year that’s why no one can say that who will face him this year. Overall we have to say this wrestlemania 2016 and it’s results may or many not be good,


Million of fan all across the world are want to see undertaker every year so management should have to fix a match with any of the superstar to face taker either it is lesnar or sting. According to tweets of vince McMahon it is confirm that they will bring The rock or goldberg as a host. Till now only 3 match is confirm the one is of world heavyweight championship and the second one is of big show. After fastlane no more match is being added in the wrestlemania 2016.


Match of wrestlemania 32 & results


Due to less excitement in audience only few tickets are sold till now that’s why price of tickets may be little bit lower as compared to previous year but for the final report we have to wait for sometime, In the upcoming weekend report of other matches will be confirm so we have to wait for sometime, So these are the main information which we gain and collect about wwe wrestlemania 32 results.


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wwe wrestlemania 32 results

wrestlemania 2016 results

wwe wrestlemania 2016

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