Many wwe fans who are planing to watch wrestlemania 31 want to know about the location and stadium name of this year wrestling, Last year we notice that Met life stadium get full of crowd but this year to see the main events many people still want to watch this special pay per view.




Every year more than 80,000 people come to see wrestlemania but this year the amount may be much higher than expected the main reason of this is high response is that people want to watch brock lesnar and roman reigns one on one against each other,



If you are familiar with the update then you should know that Brock already defeat some of the strongest wrestler of all time, but roman reigns will also be a good comparator of this year, So take a look on the full report which you may looking for. positive attitude






To see the above given overview it is clear that the this year wrestlemania is going to be a very special, Very few guys know that wwe spent Billions of dollar to make the arena of this special pay per view event, Due to heavy audience and fireworks budget is much higher but the good news which come this year is that this year location is levi’s stadium which is good choice as compared to others,




Not only the location, but special guest can make this event more thunderous, In the presence of hulk hogan and Stone cold event become more popular but this year it may become more special but no one can say it.



If anyone ask me what is the best part of wrestlemania then i would say that i like the arena, and old legends, stadium is especially popular for football but this year wrestlemania is also going to be happen


The most shocking news come now a day is that team is still busy to make the arena more beautiful and popular, This is semi retired  as well as Professional wrestler are also going to fight against each other which is a positive point, Overall these are the main information which we gain and collect about wrestlemania 31 location and stadium name,

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