wrestlemania 31 promotion by Cena & Hogan by visit in google office

wrestlemania 31 promotion by Cena & Hogan by visit in google office

Day by day wrestlemania 31 is getting closer to us and the legends are busy to promote the official trailer as well as the whole show on box office.


Last year we notice that no wwe star isn’t visit in any reality show for promotion but this year to make a response more higher, people are visiting in this show.



The news is confirm by the official page of wwe, however before royal rumble we ins’t expect this type of things but in the next few days you will notice a lot of things. So take a look on the full report which you may looking for.



wrestlemania 31 promotion in google

wwe wrestlemania 31 promotion

Did you ever thinks that why this year lots of star as well as chairman are worry to this year wrestlemania, if you don’t understand our point then let me show you something,



From so many year undertaker undefeated steak is the main attraction of wwe fans and in last 20 year no one able to break it, But after a return of brock lesnar in 2014, he break the streak. After royal rumble taker unveils a rear picture which show that he is getting older day by day, that’s why his chance to came this year are very less



when wwe unvierse realize that undertaker would’t come this year they decide to call up vince mcmahon and then call taker for a unique match, After a lot of trouble bray wyatt has been choose to sign the contract for this match up,




Promotion of wrestlemania 31

Above two pictures show that how much hard work is currently the superstar of wwe is doing to make wwe future more brighter and shiner, Before wrestlemania a special match may be organized. To promote this show very well a larger budget has been spent in the next few days they may use some other trick for this special pay per view.


If you still have to know any things about this special show then you may comment below for more detail. So these are the main information which we gain and collect about wrestlemania 31 promotion.

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