Wrestlemania 32 on April 3rd 2016| Final Date & Matches

Wrestlemania 32 on April 3rd 2016| Final Date & Matches

Wrestlemania 32 on April 3rd 2016| Final Date & Matches

Wrestlemania 32 on April 3rd 2016| Final Date & Matches :-

After a long final date of wrestlemania 32 has been announced by wwe chairman Mr Mcmohan. This year the excitement in trend is getting higher due to it’s special matches. Last year we notice that People miss many fights and the most special fight which i also wanna see is Undertaker against brock lesnar but this year you wish may be get complete because just before sumar slam undertaker make his returns and face brock lesnar one on one. So take a look on the full report which you might looking for.


Wrestlemania 32 Date| & Venue

Wrestlemania 32 venue, date, matches

In the Initial days when summer slam ins’t happen most people expecting that this special pay per view will happen in on first week of april but later the news comes from market is that wrestlemania 32 will be release on 16th of april.




The another big change which wwe team change this year is it’s venue. Last year million of people watch this special pay per view in levi’s stadium but this year AT & T Stadium in texas.




Due to presence of big superstar likes John cena, Undertaker, and brock lesnar will make this wrestlemania a memorable for everyone, However till now it is not clear which superstar face each other for this special event but the opponent will be something different than others,


wwe wrestlemania 32 Venue| Date


I am personally waiting for brock lesnar and Undertaker to face each others, but the match between Randy orton and seth rollins may be a good one, According to wwe universe host of wrestlemania 2016 is also a good one,



For Live telecast you can easily review our official site or wwe homepage but again we have to say that the wrestlemania 32 will be going to be more special for everyone. If you still have anything to know then you may comment below for more detail we will surly back you on this.



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