wrestlemania 32 results| Matches| Roman reigns vs Triple H

wrestlemania 32 results| Matches| Roman reigns vs Triple H

wrestlemania 32 results| Matches| Roman reigns vs Triple H :-After a long time the day come when we are here to show you result of wrestlemania 2016, whose match is just held in At & t stadium in texas. The biggest match which held in wrestlemania 32 is of world heavy weight championship,



In fastlane we saw a triple threat match between Roman reigns, Triple H and brock lesnar, The title of this match was won by Roman reigns due to which he got a opportunity to face a match with Triple h,


Due to this main championship title audience wants to see this match and on this special event more than 85,000 people are present which is really a good total as compared to others,

wrestlemania 32 results & Match

wrestlemania 32 results

If you familiar with the previous year match between brock and roman reigns then you found that, lesnar use all his moves and smacks to defeat him but later on seth Rollins came out due to which match has been canceled out,


In this match we notice that both the superstar are most equal as a performer, however in the starting of match we notice that triple strength is little bit more as we saw in wrestelmania 29 with undertaker.Every year in the main match of results is totally different but this year the same thing happens which public really wants, wrestlemania,



As the match of brock lesnar is always important for main events like W.M so general manger decide to have a no disqualification match with deam ambrose. winner of the match may got a oppertunity to face a wwe champion but this will be confirm later.



Triple h vs roman reigns

According to the fresh updates Roman reigns able to retain his title without any problem, however to win this match isn’t a easy task for any of the superstar but he is able to retain a winner. From the royal rumble Mr mcmohan wants that Triple h wins the fight but the result is little bit different from the expectation. Now wwe universe is waiting that who will face the roman reigns in the upcoming days. Overall these are the main information which we gain and collect about Triple h vs roman reigns match for wrestlemania 32.

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