wwe Goldust May return in wrestlemania 31| Matches

wwe Goldust May return in wrestlemania 31| Matches

wwe wrestlemania 31 :- From so many days fans of goldust want to know, is he make his return in the upcoming days or not, if you guys are still confusing, then let me show you one thing. in this year the whole wwe universe want to see top star of wwe


but there are so many big problem occur now a day, we guys already discuss that undertaker is still not confirm what type of performance he give in 2015 wrestlermania,



Every year million of people all across the country want to see this special pay per view due to undertaker but year by year his age become a problem for whole wwe, To see the latest trend the whole wwe universe decide to call up best wrestler who are a good fighter. So take a look on the full report which you may looking for.



wwe goldust wrestlemania 31 returns

wrestlemania 31 goldust returns

If you regular watch the wwe pay per view then you must know that wwe also call him in royal rumble 2015 in an over the top rope elimination match, however he can’t win that match up but still his returns help audience to entertain.


In 2015 if we make another returns then the main question which arrives in everyone’s mind is that who will fight him, According to me andre the giant battle royal match up is perfect for him, Last year we saw more than 30 + superstar but this year the amount may be much larger than expected.





For a perfect entertainment every wwe superstar either is is strong or a normal one should have to invite, Few days back we already tell you that vince mcmahon choose a new host for his year wrestlemania but for a thunderous reaction hulk hogan will also return this year as a special guest.




Goldust returns in wrestlemania 31


The most shocking news which come in these days is that wwe ceo is also planing to have a match with sting, in normal days he only work for the contract signing and to make some important decision of wwe,



but after a view of audience vince mcmahon fixed a match of triple h as well. In the next week on monday night raw goldust may make his next returns but still we can’s say anything about it’s opponent.


Overall these are the main information which we collect and gain about wwe wrestlemania 31 and goldberg returns

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