Wwe wrestlemania 2016 Results| Undertaker Vs Shane Mcmahon

Wwe wrestlemania 2016 Results| Undertaker Vs Shane Mcmahon

Wwe wrestlemania 2016 Results| Undertaker Vs Shane Mcmahon

Finally we are here to show you wwe wrestlemania 32 results or wwe wrestlemania 2016 results, As we all know that few moments before the biggest event of the wwe has been successfully occurred at A&t Stadium in texas. Due to a great matches this year wrestlemania always a remembered pay per view of all time, Some of the great matches are unforgettable. In some countries you can’t see the live show but audience wants to knows about the results, especially the match between taker and shane  is in the trend because this is first time where we see Shane with superstar like undertaker, wwe chairman put the match because shane has no fear of height of death. If we look at previous few fights of shane mcmahon then you found that he defeat many opponents which we face and for taker it is not easy to win the match. positive attitude


Wwe Wrestlemania 32 Results| Undertaker Vs shane Mcmahon

32 wwe wrestlemania 2016 results

From the starting of the match we are thinking that undertaker can easily win with shane but from the starting of match he look quite active, Yet he don’t have much moves to make his opponent tired but still due with the help of kicks and punches his puts undertaker down, However the news show that fights has been won by undertaker but to defeat him he use more than 2 chockeslam and one tombstone,

The most amazing thing which we like in the match is the strength of both these superstar, Everyone knows that shane is an semi retired wrestler but still he face superstar like undertaker, The another thing which is amazing in the match is jump from the top rope of shane which break the announce table. Overall the fight is awesome and unforgettable.



Wwe Wrestlemania 2016 Results

The another big match which is popular in the news is match between dean ambrose and triple h, These are the two main event of this year, Recently before wrestlemania triple set a match of dean with bray whtt and after using his smack smartly dean ambrose give a messages to him. Overall these are the match which has happen in wrestlemania 2016, i hope you guys are impress with the above given information.


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