wwe wrestlemania 32 results| Brock lesnar vs Dean ambrose

From the beginning of the match when Dean try to use punches on the face of brock, it feel like that dean can easily win, and wwe have to choose a different opponent for this match, The same goes to wikiwon undertaker as well, Shane macmahon doest make no sense and it may be a positive attitude disrespect of the wrestler who made a tremendous record on wrestlemania, Before having the match between taker and shane. Both these superstar meet each other in monday night raw,

we found that shane use the same thing which most of us are expecting, positive attitude Over the top rope shane mcmahon jump on undertaker and put him down, It was a message from shane mcmahon that he also come in the pro wrestler and has a capability to defeat any superstar either it is undertaker of john cena, On the other hand again due to brock lesnar f5 and kimura lock he declair as a winner, positive attitude

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