WWE WrestleMania 33 Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida April 2, 2017

WWE WrestleMania 33
Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida
April 2, 2017

There were two games on the Kick Show. It was not on putlocker  my laptop when I started, because I was having dinner. I will not fill in the details for them, but I have thoughts and ratings of stars.

Heavyweight Championship: Neville vs Austin Aries

Neville controlled most of this. Several times Aries approached the victory. Neville won the game to retain his title thanks to his red arrow. It was a competitive match that lasted about 15 minutes.

positive attitude

Winner for pinfall: Neville

Analysis: *** 1/4 It was a good option to open the show when the crowd kept asking. I liked that Neville won, and had to resort to using the Red Arrow to win. It was like when he beat Jack Gallagher at Fastlane last month, and he did it again here. He hoped that Neville would win. Keep the title on it for a few more months, at least, because it does an excellent job.

The battle began around 6 pm. putlocker

André The gigantic battle of the Real

There was a great moment at the beginning of the real battle, when the Big Show was liquidated by Brown Strouman, and then a group of boys united to destroy Strowman. I thought Struman would win, but I was wrong. I joined the game as I moved on. Killian Dine of the NXT liquidated Sami Zain, whom people did not like. Ginger Mahal grabbed a cup from Rob Gronkovsky, who is an NFL star player who is friends with Rowley. Gronkovsky entered the ring and nailed the Mahal with one shoulder running. Rowley dropped Dinah. Rowley eliminated the Mahal, and Rowley won the royal battle. It’s been 14 minutes.  wikiwon

Analysis: * 1/2 It was pretty boring. Basically, they did it to get a big press from sports outlets, like ESPN, because of Gronkowski’s involvement. I’m not a fan of Mojo Rowley. I know it works a lot, but it’s very simple. They had to take this opportunity to pick up someone like Strouman or Zain. Instead, he’s a small middle class, like Rowley. It was Andre’s worst Battle Battle of four years, when they did.

Renee Young, Booker T, Jerry Lawler and Shawn Michaels talked about the matches.  positive attitude

The “Social Media Lounge” segment was broadcast, and was accepted by Charly Caruso and Maria Menounos. Paul Heyman was a guest there to promote the Lesnar / Goldberg match.

The next title is Intercontinental Title. They stumbled on Kickoff’s show. Poor guys.  wikiwon

Analysis: It’s bad for me that both guys run into the Kickoff Show. Instead, they had to move Pitbull to the Kickoff Show. Ambrose is a former world champion who, in the last four years, has fought events more alive than anyone, but is now on the Kickoff Show? I doubt he was satisfied with this decision.

The Smackdown team announced the team of Tom Phillips, John Bradshaw of Leifield and David Otung.

Intercontinental Championship: Dean Ambrose vs. Baron Corbin putlocker

This is a battle of boys fighting in black jerseys. Corbin was in control at an early stage, when Ambrose set the ribs first on the pillar of the steel ring. Corbin worked with him on his shoulder. Corbin took it with a movement similar to STO in two counts. The action spilled on the ground, and Corbin sent Ambrose to the barricade. Chinlock time for Corbin. Ambrose began to return, but it did not last long when Corbin raised his knees. The crowd was quiet enough for this. Ambrose finally had a moment when he sent Corbin to the floor, avoiding the load. When Ambrose went to attack the top rope, Corbin hit him to knock him down. Corbin accused him, Ambrose moved, and Corbin hit the steel steps. Ambrose jumped from the top of the rope, breaking his elbow into Corbin on the floor. Returning to the ring, Ambrose hit him twice. Corbin came back with a boot in the face and “Deep Six” for two. Ambrose came back with a rope for a rebound. Corbin received the package for two reasons. When Corbin made fun of his final, Ambrose came out and hit “Dirty Deeds” to win in 11 minutes.  positive attitude

The winner at the spearhead: Dean Ambrose

Analysis: ** 1/2 It was a solid match. Nothing special. The crowd did not fall so much. Corbin was offended by about 80% of the game. Ambrose did not have to do much to win. I was surprised at the end, because I decided that Corbin was going to get this title on his way up the stairs. Instead, they keep it on Dean. Maybe Corbin can still push the ladder without the IC title on his resume. That happened before. Corbin still has a bright future.

Commercial broadcast for WWE Network. This is new.

Kickoff’s group talked about other things.

The video package aired by Reigns / Undertaker.

That’s it for the Kickoff Show.  wikiwon

Paypal Event to see WrestleMania

Orlando heard a live photo of the sold crowd. Recording artist Tinasha sang Beautiful America. I do not know much about him, but he looks very

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