4 potential matches for Dolph Ziegler at WrestleMania 34

4 potential matches for Dolph Ziegler at WrestleMania 34 – Dolph Ziegler won the US title by winning a surprise victory over Bobby Rood and Baron Corbin in a Triple Threat match at Clay’s Off Championship. He appeared on the next episode of SmackDown Live, and left his championship and said that the WWE Universe was not able to see him as champion or wrestler. After this, Bobby Rood became the United States Champion.

There was speculation that he would get a big push and he would finally win the Royal Rumble. But as we all know, they entered the match at # 30 and the buller quickly eliminated them.

His performance surprised the WWE Universe. They need a big push to return their WWE career to the track. In WrestleMania 34, there are four possible controversies for Ziegler.

4 potential matches for Dolph Ziegler at WrestleMania 34

4 potential matches for Dolph Ziegler at WrestleMania 34

  1. Dolf Ziegler vs. Baron Corbin – Ziegler was going to face Corbyne in his first match after his return. However, Kevin Owens and Sammy Zen attacked both of these, and now both Ziegler and Corbin are part of the Fatal-5 match at Fastlane. Everybody knows that the WWE Championships are not changing hands. Corbin and Ziggler have fought against each other and can display a good match with each other.Ziegler and Corbin are amazing racers. This match is not exciting because both of them have fought before. But, they can surprise everyone by giving a good match.
  2. Dolph Ziegler vs Kevin Owens – AJ Styles is going to retain his championship in Fastlane, because Stiles vs Nakamura has given a lot of headlines. But what will other players of this match go forward?There is a good match for WrestleMania 34, Ziggler vs. Owens. Owens are such a wrestler who has the power to make their best appearances with their opponents. Their matches are very physically and entertaining for the wrestling fans. As for Ziggler, it’s a technical wrestler. He can do well by taking advantage of his match against Owens. Therefore, it will be a ticket-selling match that will make the fans feel happier.
  3. Dolf Ziegler vs. Sammy Jane – In the previous episode of SmackDown, Dolph Ziegler was part of the Main Event. His match was against Semi Jain and he received much praise from WWE Universe. The Underground and Show-Off gave us a great main event.The main event was liked by fans and fans of the show-for-hear heard many cheers during this match. Zigel was at the peak and he took this main event to the second level. This match was quite physiological and both of them demonstrated their wrestling skills. This match could have been any victory but Ziggler got his first win after the return. In WrestleMania 34, if Zen and Ziggler confront each other again, the fans will be very happy.
  4. Fatal-4 match for US title: Dolph Ziegler vs Bobby Rood vs. Randy Orton vs. Zindar Mahal – Dolph Ziegler’s dispute with Baron Corbin was very boring. If the WWE gave it a little more time or put some new moves, then perhaps this controversy would have been interesting. But the likelihood of this happening is very low.Dolph Ziegler has abandoned his championship and said that the WWE Universe is not grateful. Surprisingly, they have not used their rematch clause so far. Zigglers can ask for a match and use the rematch clause. Ziegler’s technical wrestling skills will take this match to a different level. If ‘show-off’ is added to the match, then we can see many fluctuations.Last week in SmackDown Live we saw that Randy gave Bobby Rudd an RKO which could cause a feud between the two of the future and possibly a match between these two in WrestleMania. This week, he also gave an RKO to Sameer Singh, but Jindar Mahal painted him and Bobby Rood with Khallas. This can be a new feud and an interesting match in WrestleMania 34.In this match we can meet RKO, Zig-Zag, Glory’s DDT and Khallas, which is a perfect recipe for a US Title match at WrestleMania. Together it will give a wonderful match that will be fun to see. Whatever the winner, this match is going to be a ticket seller.

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